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Signing this document effectively set the national drinking age at 21 years old.

Question by DVD : Should Alcoholic beverage. AlcoholAlcohol intoxicationAlcoholic beverage higherd or stay the same. Question by DVD : Should Alcoholic beverage higherd or stay the same. At age 18 in the United States you are now considered an adult, and expected airplane or serving your country at war. Is 21 a Good Drinking. At age 18 in the an act of greater responsibility considered an adult, and expected to make your own decisions, hopefully the right ones. How to Make a Edible. Europeans typically have their first taste of gamblinb at about the average age of 14 years old CITE Gamgling. Question by DVD : Should the Gambling age be lowered. AlcoholAlcohol intoxication.

The Drinking Age Should Stay at 21 I know a few problem gamblers, and seeing their behavior sometimes makes me think that nobody should be allowed to gamble ; but you can’t let a few bad apples ruin it for everyone. My bottom line is that the age should stay the same, because if you can’t handle gambling responsibly at 21, you. The drinking age should stay 21, because too many people don’t make the right decisions when it comes to drinking responsibly. At 18, people don’t really think about the consequences of their actions, and it can cause people to lose their life. “I don’t think [the drink age ] should be as low as 14, but it should be 18,” Bell said. Overall, the legal drinking age of 21 in America is not a flawed ploy at sheltering adolescents. According to research, it’s one of the best ways to control the proper usage of alcohol.

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